“Bored in the house, in the house bored!” While we are all bored and bored at home, TikTok is full of viral cuteness trends! Being at home in these difficult times is in the middle of our privileges. If you’ve baked enough ‘Banana Bread’ or bread, it’s time to try viral TikTok trends! TikTok, where celebrities share dance images and fashion brands use more and more frequently, has also started to set new cuteness trends. If you’re a newbie to TikTok, the viral cuteness trends on the platform are covering many topics, from your daily care routines to your makeup techniques.

Regardless of your hairstyle, skin type or care skills, you can find a trend in every corner of TikTok that you can try. Presumably you are looking for how to achieve perfect curls, or try out hairstyles without the use of heat… Or you want to learn new makeup hacks and tricks… You can step into this social media platform that has become our new fun, by trying the latest beauty trends and sharing your own images.


Try the ‘beach waves’ style in social isolation! While you’re dreaming of vacations, it’s time to specialize in coastal waves. The waves you can get without using tongs are in the middle of TikTok’s favorites. Knit your pantyhose or ordinary socks together with your hair, and after sleeping like this at night, you will encounter natural waves in the morning.


You can improve your eye makeup. Arm make-up, where you can complete both art and make-up techniques, is actually a trend that started on Instagram. Now in arm makeup seen on TikTok, you turn your arm into a canvas and try different eye makeup styles.

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Celebrities and influencers dye their hair pink or blue! You too can join this viral trend. Share your hair coloring ritual on TikTok by capturing fun images. By choosing vibrant and bold tones, you can turn your hair into rainbow colors in social isolation.


Share the makeup tricks you know for a long time or see on social media with your followers. Makeup hack images spread on TikTok are in the middle of the recognized trends of recent times. Make the brightening techniques used around the eyes or skin tone equalization make-up techniques educational and entertaining with TikTok images.


Stop straightening your curly or wavy hair! Your natural hair stands out in 2020. Natural hair images that have become popular on TikTok inspire us all. You can use experimental models with natural hairstyles. Reveal the most beautiful state of your natural hair with tight braids or rollers.


TikTok influencers who reveal their tongs tricks are trying different waves and curls. You can obviously get eye-catching waves by holding tongs over the pencils you wrap your hair.

PROminent curls

Those with curly hair know the challenges of achieving obvious curls! The way to prevent electrification and messy images is through TikTok. Influencers using hair oils, foams and care products reach the most obvious curly hair with the help of a diffuser.