What’s your nicest ritual that feels right to you?
In the morning and before going to bed at night, I clean my face and apply my moisturizer whenever I have time and try to do face yoga. Then I massage my face with serum and then aventurine stone. It feels really good.

What boosts your energy and what makes you feel better?
I think I feel stronger when I exercise. Obviously, it feels good to be on the move.

Are you open to trying new works? Or do you always buy the artifacts you use?
In fact, I absolutely love to use products in a routine for skin care. However, it is not necessarily a work, I may have two different moisturizers, two different serums, peeling masks that I use at different times. I just don’t like to change works too often. But I do not accustom my skin to a single work.

Are there any artifacts that you say are always in my bag, anytime, anywhere?
My Dior Addict lip gloss is always in my purse. I also try not to skimp on sunscreen. It also needs to be renewed every two hours.

What did you buy last?
To try last, I got Elizabeth Arden’s illuminating eye serum in capsule form. I also really like Glam Glow’s masks. My clay mask was finished, so I ordered it again. And I bought another one of my indispensable iconic creation, Creme de La Mer.

What style scents do you like in perfume?
In general, I love precedent perfumes. I like floral scents. Especially jasmine is my favourite. I use this medium Chanel Gabrielle. Floral perfumes always seem more pure and elegant to me.


What is your make-up style and what works do you use the most?
I don’t like heavy make-up in my daily life. I always prefer products that give my face a fresh and brighter look. For this, I use BB cream instead of foundation. It gives a much more natural result. Other than that, concealer, mascara, illuminator and a little blush are enough for me.

Writing:Nilay Yalcinkaya

Taken from ELLE Turkey May 2021 issue.

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