Celebrating International Women’s Day, Barbie hopes to inspire by turning female role models into dolls. Pat Mcgrath, one of the department’s most famous make-up artists and founder of Pat McGrath Labs, was part of Barbie’s 2022 Ladies’ Day line. Featuring names like Shonda Rhimes, Ari Horie and Tijen Onaran, the series is a segment of the ‘Barbie Dream Gap’ project.

This global initiative, which encourages girls and aims to give them the resources and reinforcement they need to continue believing that they can be anything, is making a splash especially on Ladies’ Day. “We know that kids are inspired by what they see around them, so it’s very important for young girls to see themselves reflecting on their role models who have bravely overcome obstacles and overcome the void in their dreams and become the women they are today,” said Lisa McKnight, Vice Leader and Global Leader of Barbie, in a press release.

If anyone can inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs, it’s McGrath. For her service to fashion, elegance and diversity in 2020, Queen Elizabeth II. McGrath, who received the Damehood award from Elizabeth, became the first makeup artist to receive this award. For more than 25 years, McGrath’s vision and entrepreneurial strength have shaped both the finesse and fashion divisions. McGrath, who works behind the scenes of more than sixty fashion shows for luxury brands and designers, determines the trends of the period.

“It’s an honor to have a Barbie like me,” McGrath said.

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