When you think of asymmetrical hair sections, if you think of rock or even punk styles, this content is just for you to change your mind. We are not talking about asymmetrical hair that reflects sloppy cuts and rebellious moods, we are talking about hair that is evidently handcrafted and that is marvelous even in its asymmetry. And we are sure that after seeing the hair sections in the photo gallery, asymmetrical sections will be on your mind to try it one day in the future. There are many examples from the asymmetrical bob section of Marion Cotillard, the Hollywood representative of the French lady, to the asymmetrical cut of Beyonce’s half-long and half-short hair, which she once used by giving different models.

If you are ready to break your prejudice against asymmetrical hair parts, click on the photo gallery and take a look at the models used even on the red carpet.


Rosamund Pike

Julianne Hough

Karlie Kloss

Marion Cotillard

Michelle Williams


Rose Byrne

Scarlett Johansson

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