Among the 2019 summer makeup trends, using sunscreen is a must!

Sunscreen has a precious place in the midst of the 2019 summer make-up trends that make-up lovers follow closely! It continues to be valid in summer makeup trends in these times when natural beauty is well known. However, about the steps that should not be forgotten while doing summer make-up, famous make-up artist Hamiyet Akpınar told the tricks of summer make-up for MAG. She shared the secret of small touches to highlight her natural pleasantness. Here’s what you need to know about the 2019 summer makeup trends.

He shared that with small touches that will reveal your natural beauty, you can start the day with a skin make-up that seems to disappear, by applying the works of truth in a minimum form. Explaining that it is absolutely necessary to choose products containing sunscreen before applying make-up, Akpınar stated that the most sufficient investment to make for a pleasant skin is to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. If the high factor sunscreen you apply under the foundation is not oily or strong, your make-up will not be permanent and will flow in the same direction. Therefore, you should definitely use a strong sunscreen under the foundation.

What’s in the Middle of Summer Makeup Trends?

Stating that thin foundation, bb cream or colored sunscreens are more effective in beach make-up, Hamiyet Akpınar emphasized that you should prefer natural and plain looks instead of heavy skin make-up in summer. Always and everywhere, never forget that the most beautiful looking skin is the most moist skin! Since our skin loses water in summer, you should consume plenty of water and you should not neglect to moisturize your skin heavily.

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