Acetone-free nail polish removal methods, apply toothpaste!

From time to time, there may be something that we forget and forget while applying nail polish. Whether there is acetone in the dwelling. If there is no acetone in the house and you have smeared nail polish, you are burned! That’s when we start brooding over how I should do it or not. At this point, a few natural formulas come to our rescue. So what are the acetone-free nail polish removal methods? How to remove nail polish without acetone? As, we researched the natural techniques of removing nail polish. Here are 3 natural nail polish removal methods!


When there is no acetone in your home, the first method you will use can be toothpaste. But there is an issue to be considered here, which is that not every toothpaste is successful in cleaning nail polish. All you have to do is rub your nails by pouring the toothpaste on your nails or cotton.


Dip a piece of cotton in vinegar and squeeze a few drops of lemon on it. If you leave a measure of vinegar on your nails, it will soften them. Then you can gently remove the nail polish from your nails with cotton.


One of the natural techniques that can be used when staying acetone-free is castor oil. There are not many people who know castor oil. In fact, when comparing other formulas, the most useful nail polish removal system for nails is castor oil. You can clean your nail polish by pouring castor oil on cotton just like acetone.

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