Nowadays, two fabrics are perfect in fashion: knitwear and leather! Would you think that classic leather jackets would suddenly be the coolest cut in fashion or that ‘depression’ cardigans would be a street style perfection? We can say that knitwear and leather, which have risen in parallel in 2019, are the ‘it-fabrics’ of Autumn 2020. As you can see, the it-bag concept has now moved to different dimensions. The love of leather, which started with the Matrix breeze, began to spread first in blazer jackets and then in trousers. We see leather trousers, which go beyond the classic black look, in wild patterns, soft tones, patterns or different silhouettes in this period.

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If when you think of leather pants you always think of Ross trying to wear his leather pants back with baby powder in ‘Friends’, it’s time to change the situation! Now leather pants are much more effortless, cool and stylish. All the molds of leather trousers that you can carry from walks in the park to friends meetings, from the office to invitations have been demolished. We can say that leather trousers that open our hearts with their colorful versions, highlight our boots with their cropped sections or offer the comfort of tracksuits with their loose parts are in the middle of the favorite styles of Autumn 2020.

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The new versions of leather trousers, which have a rebellious attitude as a ‘cliché’ and are generally reminiscent of the biker style, are in different styles. Although the rebellious leather trousers that preserve their essence are still present, this period also makes room for very ostentatious styles.

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If you don’t know how to add the it-pants of Autumn 2020 to your wardrobe, you can check out the offers we have prepared for you in the photo gallery…



In the middle of the trouser trends for fall 2020, duotones are in the middle. You can bring two different colors together with two-tone trousers, which is an extraordinary option for those who cannot choose. These two-tone leather trousers that look like they’ve been dipped in paint, along with different leg colors, are the ideal for a ‘cool’ style. Take this passion of two tones, which we see not only in trousers but also in shoes and boots, when you pair them with leather trousers. With a bit of Matrix and a bit of street style inspiration, your sketch-patterned shiny leather trench coat and two-tone leather pants will create the perfect harmony in this style. You can put the last point of this cool style with your asymmetric cut knitwear blouse.


Danny Crocodile Effect Trench Coat, $400 APPARIS

Asymmetrical Collar Sweater, 399 TL TWIST

Two Tone Leather Trousers, $1,850 ZEYNEP ARÇAY

Isa Two-Tone Boots, $575 WANDLER

Mini Nutella Bag, 4,300 TL BY FAR




In the past, we didn’t even look at brown tones out of the corner of our eye… How prejudiced we were! Earth tones, which are now one of the favorite colors of fashion, create a luxurious look from head to toe. Earth tones, which you can try in leather pants styles, create a harmonious and effortless style. You can complete your style with a huge teddy coat, which is in the middle of the trends of the period, while highlighting your cropped leather trousers and high-heeled boots. Take advantage of the mercy of the earth in this pairing that creates a stylish and comfortable style for cold days.

Teddy Camel Coat, $9,753 MAX MARA

Maude Sweater, $7,936 KHAITE

High Waist One Detailed Leather Look Trousers, 1,350 TL MY BEST FRIENDS

Merle Bot, €950 JIMMY CHOO

Hammock Bag, $2,990 LOEWE

Henrietta Hat, €850 MAISON MICHEL




A leather trousers style ready to meet your friends after a walk in the park or forest! Wearing leather pants while hiking? Yeah! You read it right… Jogger inspired trousers are in the middle of the favorite trouser models of the period. You can complement leather jogger pants, one of the most stylish versions of sporty and athletic styles, with a hoodie, puffer coat and ‘dad’ sneakers.

Cropped Puffer Jacket, €925 KHRISJOY


Leather Jogging Pants, €2,649 GUCCI

Track Sneaker, €775 BALENCIAGA

Leather Belt Bag, £465 MCM




Welcome to the lesson on how to be a ‘statement’ in your style without using embroideries, patterns or stones. You can have a direct ‘wow’ image from head to toe, especially with bold tones that we are not used to seeing in autumn. Lately, there is no trace of classic autumn tones. While this is the case, we also love to create autumn styles with lively and fun colors. Go beyond the limits by pairing your red leather pants with blacks or browns. We are sure that you will eliminate the gray clouds with this style, which we benefit from the fun harmony of pink, orange, purple and pink tones. You can choose an accessory that acts as a bridge in your style by tying your patterned scarf to your neck or to your bag.

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Adjustable Waist Blouse, 499 TL İPEKYOL İ

Leather Pants, $1,099 H&M STUDIO

Penelope Color Block Platform Heels, €835 AQUAZZURA

Fendi Roma Amor Baguette Bag, €2,100 FENDI

Copacabana Patterned Silk Scarf, €315 EMILIO PUCCI




Your holidays may have been postponed or your plans may have changed… This is exactly why we are bringing the safari breeze of summer months to autumn. Especially when combined with a wild patterned leather trousers, utility jackets are reminiscent of a safari adventure. If you prefer predatory patterns in night style, this pair of leather pants can inspire your daily style. In this style that uses beige and brown, a cool cowboy hat and beige suede boots will turn urban life into an adventure.

Jacket, 4,895 TL AMI

Snakeskin Pattern Leather Trousers, $1,570 MAGDA BUTRYM

Beige Suede Postal, 830.99 TL DERİMOD

Teak Rancher Hat, €109.41 LACK OF COLOR

Mink Handbag, 479.99 TL YARGICI




Cowboy style love has not been given up! Cowboy boots, which have been in the middle of favorite boot models in recent years, gained a very contemporary feel at the Fall 2020 fashion shows. You can combine your new generation cowboy boots, which attract attention with their metallic accents and contemporary parts, with your classic black leather trousers. In this style that combines both wild west and urban style, your denim shirt and suede vest with tassels winks at cowboy style.

Tasseled Suede Jacket, €334 WALTER BAKE

Essential Western Going Indigo Denim Shirt, 399.90 TL LEVI’S

Vinni Vegan Leather Pants, €365 NANUSHKA

BV Lean Boots, €1,200 BOTTEGA VENETA





After watching the ‘Emily In Paris’ series, let’s admit we were fascinated by the outfits, no matter how cliché they are! If you want to try the Parisian style in your daily life as soon as possible, you can start with this leather pants pairing. Hats, capes and tiny bags! There is no trace of ‘skinny’ trousers anymore, but leather leggings are the best friend of over-the-knee boots, one of the most trendy boot models of Autumn 2020. You can return to this ‘skinny’ model whenever you want to highlight your knee high boots. You can complete the duo of knee high boots and leather tights that create a cool look with a huge cape reminiscent of blankets, with newsboy hats and tiny bags.

Tartan Tasseled Cape, $4,766 VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

Leather Look Tights, 169.99 TL MANGO

Over The Knee High Boots, $2,295 SAINT LAURENT

Officer Hat, $732 MANOKHI

Lee Radziwill Petite Bag, $498 TORY BURCH

Swirl Earring, $60 KENNETH JAY LANE




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After stretchy leather trousers and hard leather trousers that we have to do acrobatic moves to put on, loose cuts sound like a dream. After the comfort of tracksuits moves to loose-fitting jeans and trousers, it’s at a new stop: leather pants. Loose-legged leather trousers that offer the comfort of tracksuits in the most sophisticated form with their magnificent loose sections, present the key to effortless elegance on a gold platter. You can combine these high-waisted and loose-fitting trousers with cropped knitwear, which are in the middle of the trends of the period, with sneakers with thick soles.

Cropped Half Sleeve Cardigan $320, Knitwear Bralet $130, JACQUEMUS

Pleated Wide Leg Leather Trousers, $690 MATERIEL TBILISI

Ozweego Sneaker, 524 TL ADIDAS

Mini Phoebe Bag, £325 DANSE LENTE

Mini Paper Clip Earring, $1,400 HILLIER BARTLEY




A bit of 80’s, a bit of 90’s inspiration, a bit of ‘Working Girl’ teams… You can get inspired by this style to bring together the contemporary and nostalgia of the period. Adding a ‘cool’ look to classic team dresses with a touch, leather makes you stand out in street style. In this style, where you can benefit from the unexpected harmony of burgundy and light blue tones, you can use feathered accessories and oxford style shoes, which are in the middle of the trends of the period.

Leather Blazer Jacket 34,989 TL, Straight Cut Leather Pants 34,989 TL AKRIS

Lyn Cashmere Sweater, £495 REJINA PYO

Platform Oxford Shoes, $6,910 DRIES VAN NOTEN

Teddy Tote Bag, $2,258 MARC JACOBS

Feathered Hat, $23 ASOS DESIGN




Leather pants are suitable for night style in every way, but you may be hesitant when the bet is an invitation. If you are determined to wear leather pants everywhere, anytime, we recommend metallic leather pants for an invitation style. Metallic leather trousers, which are flamboyant with their shine, are a very unique option to classic invitation dresses. Determine your trousers as ‘star’ cut in this style that will draw all eyes on you the moment you step in. While you prefer the same tones with your trousers in your shoes, you can prefer white ones that create a beautiful harmony with the gold color on your clothes. You can achieve a glamorous rebellious girl style with a metallic and stone earring and a transparent clutch.

Relaxed Blazer Jacket, 399.95 TL MARKS & SPENCER

Pointelle Corset Top, $550 DION LEE

Metallic Leather Trousers, £312 CALVIN KLEIN

Gold T Screw Shoe, $850 TOM FORD

Transparent Clutch, £550 ASPINAL OF LONDON

The Elements Earring, $1,190 SWAROVSKI