Estée Lauder introduced its new cream, which will be a strong base for those who want to have tighter, younger-looking, brighter skin.It is a multi-purpose, anti-aging and moisturizing cream that provides a lifting effect. NEW Revitalizing Supreme+ aims to provide a 10X collagen boost in just 3 days. #SupremeEffect on your skin

Containing 99% naturally derived Special Hibiscus Morning Blossom Extract, Special Moringa Extract and RevitaKey™ Technology, this highly effective formula helps to reduce all the precious signs of aging skin.

This deeply nourishing cream utilizing powerful technology with exclusive Moringa and new exclusive Hibiscus morning flower extracts; While it envelops the skin with moisture and strengthens the skin barrier, it provides the basis for powerful anti-aging benefits.

NEW Revitalizing Supreme+ cream valuablely improves firmness, density and elasticity for a more lifted look. The cream aims to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and neck lines thanks to its new formula. Thanks to the cream, the skin is stronger, brighter, deeply moisturized and glows with a new, healthy-looking vitality.

Revitalizing Supreme+ Family

Estée Lauder, who has proven her mastery in high performance moisturizers to the whole world, has developed the Revitalizing Supreme+ collection with the latest anti-aging technology.

Based on years of research with the goal of delaying skin aging, the collection now includes Hibiscus Morning Blossom extract, a bioactive plant extract with exceptional collagen power to help tighten skin and make it look more vibrant.

It also helps to enhance the benefits of Hibiscus Morning Blossom extract, Estée Lauder’s exclusive moringa extract and powerful collagen complex.


For the first time ever, Revitalizing Supreme + moisturizers reveal a tighter appearance in the tri-valued facial area – cheeks, nasolabial folds and jawline – and make facial contours appear more obvious.

By increasing the elasticity of the skin, it helps to look significantly tighter and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines, including neck lines.

Thanks to its silky soft texture, it is quickly absorbed, leaving a comfortable and flexible feeling on the skin. With 72-hour moisturizing, it nourishes the skin deeply and reinforces it to look smoother and younger over time.

So, what are the valuable ingredients of the NEW Revitalizing Supreme+ cream?

NEW Special Hibiscus Morning Blossom

Estée Lauder scientists discovered that Hibiscus flowers harvested early in the day have the highest collagen-boosting activity. For this reason, flowers carefully picked in the morning are used in the cream for maximum effect.

Special Moringa Extract

Helping to neutralize free radicals that cause visible aging is also a valuable process of anti aging. Exclusive Moringa extract is a natural and powerful extract that interferes with skin aging in a multi-pronged way by fighting free radicals. Internationally renowned plant biologist at Rutgers University, Dr. Developed in partnership with Ilya Raskin, this Moringa extract is exclusive to Estée Lauder. The extract is obtained from the heavy seeds of Moringa Oleifera genera.

Collagen Boosting Technology

This technology was developed by Estée Lauder scientists to help support the skin’s own natural collagen production and restore skin firmness. A critical element of skin’s natural support network, collagen is key to giving skin a firmer feel and a more lifted, smoother appearance.

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We can summarize the benefits of the NEW Revitalizing Supreme+ cream as follows:

NEW Tightening + Tightening

Estée Lauder research has shown that when the new Hibiscus Morning Blossom extract is combined with Moringa Extract + Collagen Boosting Technology, the skin’s natural collagen production is increased 10-fold in just 3 days. Revitalizing Supreme+ creams help restore skin’s natural firmness, elasticity and vitality and aim to reveal more sculpted facial lines and more lifted skin in three key areas – cheeks, nasolabial folds and jawline.

Healthy Shine

Since the Revitalizing Supreme+ family helps to support natural cell turnover, it provides a healthy glow skin appearance and reinforces to provide a more refined and smooth skin texture.

Antioxidant Defense + Moisturization

To help resist the signs of aging, keeping skin moist, healthy and nourished is invaluable. Revitalizing Supreme+ formulas deeply nourish and strengthen the skin’s barrier to help lock in moisture. Provides 72 hours of moisturisation. Formulated with antioxidant defense, the skin calms and relaxes with every application.

NEW Revitalizing Supreme+

Containing 99% naturally derived Special Hibiscus Morning Blossom Extract, Special Moringa Extract and RevitaKey™ Technology, this highly effective formula helps to reduce all the precious signs of aging skin.

To learn more about the NEW Revitalizing Supreme+, Estée Lauder’s multi-target anti-aging moisturizing cream, we recommend visiting its website.

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