6 different hair suggestions for brides from Tuba Ünsal

With the opening of the wedding period, all brides started to search for the most beautiful hair and the most beautiful make-up. For brides who want to be perfect on their special days, Kérastase with Tuba Ünsal 2016 Bridal Hairstyles He prepared his collection. in the middle of hairstyles bohemian waves, to romantic bunsThere are 6 different styles of hairstyles.

Click through the gallery to see Kérastase’s 2016 Bridal Hairstyles.

Well-groomed hair is as valuable as the real hairstyle to look flawless on the wedding day. With Kérastase’s Kérastase Wedding Service, you can revitalize your hair and make it splendid with the special Chronologiste Revitalizing Caviar Treatment two weeks in advance. The “honeymoon hair care set” offered by Kérastase will help your hair always be dazzling. Remember, the most beautiful hairstyles are on well-groomed hair.

Click to see the 2016 Bridal Hairstyles Collection prepared by Kérastase with Tuba Ünsal.

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