5. Watsons Beauty and Care Awards Voting Continues!

The countdown for the Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards, which will be held for the fifth time this year, continues without slowing down. In the field of pleasantness and personal care, 116 products in 24 different categories compete to be in the middle of the smoothest. Voting takes place over odul.watsons.com.tr.
Watsons, this year to identify the most relevant of the most popular treats and self-care works Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards’of the the fifth is performing. Voting excitement 116 candidates in 24 different categories The work is waiting for your votes to be in the middle of the most suitable. The works that received the most votes in their categories at the end of the voting to be held separately by Watsons customers, members of the press and bloggers, Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care AwardsAt the award ceremony, it is entitled to be the owner of the most appropriate work of the year award.
How do the votes take place?

Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards Those who support the works that contribute to their enjoyment and personal care throughout the year also receive surprise gifts. to vote Watsons Cardwill be selected from Watsons Card holders who log in with their number 5 peopleWhile you will receive a double invitation for the awards night, those who participate in the voting will be selected from the middle. 1000 peopleon the other hand, gets the chance to win the gift set that will be chosen by Watsons as one of the most beautiful of the year.
Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Award Categories:
The Most Sufficient Mascara, The Best Eyeshadow Palette, The Best Foundation, The Most Appropriate Concealer, The Most Beautiful Lip Artwork, The Most Innovative Makeup Artifact, The Best Facial Care Artifact, The Best Face Mask, The Smoothest Korean Beauty Artwork, The Most Sufficient Natural Content Skin Care Artifact, Best Dermo Cosmetic Art, Best Body Care Art, Most Appropriate Male Care Art, Most Sufficient Nail Art, Best Shower Gel, Most Appropriate Deodorant, Most Sufficient Oral Care Artifact, Best Hair Color, Most Sufficient Herbal Content Hair To vote for the nominees in the categories of Conditioning Article, Most Appropriate Shampoo, Most Appropriate Hair Care Product, Best Dry Shampoo, Best Special for Watsons, Most Beautiful Watsons Branded Artwork.


You can visit our gallery to see the featured works in the middle of the nominations and to have more detailed information about their prices and features.

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