2021 hair trends: Hair is now freer

In this summer period, when the pandemic restrictions are lifted, everyone flocks to the beaches and the hair declares their freedom. Structured hair leaves its place to natural waves and curls. The preference of the ladies will be to use the hair in its natural form. Curly hair will not be straightened, wavy hair will be used as it is. Hair Stylists Erkan Uzelli and Ali Subaşı, “Hair that looks well-groomed and wetted by sea water on the beaches this summer and dried by the heat of the sun will also be reflected in street fashion”In the days when restrictions ended, they gave tips on hair fashion on the beaches and in the city.

Care hair that opens with the sun and the sea

It is the desire of every woman to look natural but well-groomed. In the summer months, it is possible for the hair to look well-groomed despite the damaging effects of the sea, pool and sun! Stating that hair care is neglected in the summer heat, Erkan Uzelli said, “The periods when women spent hours with their hair and fixed it with a spray and stayed intact all day are all gone. Ladies want to ‘come out’ without spending an extra time in the busyness and bustle of the day. In these days when we flock to the beaches with the removal of the pandemic restrictions, you can get the look you want without extra effort with a real hair part and a real care. If we give an example of a practical and just as cool hairstyle; As always, we will continue to see the short hairstyle cut at the level of the chin, which we call the bob cut, in this period.said.


Hair Stylist Ali Subasi, “Thanks to the salt contained in sea water, it is possible to lighten the hair color up to one to two tones. Naturally opened hair gives the effect of ombre, as if at the hairdresser, but it is useful not to forget the damage caused by sea water and sun to the hair when opening the hair. We recommend systematic care in order not to wear out the hair in the summer months.he said.

Colorful hair accessories took their place in bags

Ali Subasi, “In summer, the humidity in the air increases with the temperature. This causes the hair to become electrified very quickly and look unkempt. In order to prevent this, you can apply regular hair care masks in hairdressers. Care masks made in hairdressers will protect the hair in the long term by preventing wear and electrification of the hair.he added.

Erkan Uzelli and Ali Subaşı, who said that colorful hair accessories, which are indispensable for summer months, will add color to the hair this summer, “We will come across large ratchets a lot on the beaches and on the streets this period. Colorful bagel buckles will be added to the hairpins that allow to collect wet hair in a practical form after getting out of the sea.”They spoke in form.